The community classes are the heart of Herbstalk.
Local herbalists, holistic practitioners and health counselors join together to share their knowledge of plant medicines through dynamic and practical classes. 

Download the June 2012 the schedule here: Herbstalk Schedule

… and read past class descriptions below:

“Using Herbs with Pets”
Nancy Anderson of Canis Major Herbals
When and why would you use herbs for your pets’ health issues?  The medicinal applications of herbs will be discussed in their many different forms, as well as some of the more common herbs helpful in supporting pet health.

“Blessed Sweetness: Learning to Make Herbal Honeys”
Michael Blackmore of Mad Crow Herbals
Sure a spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down,  but it is still not as good for you as honey! While honey is not only delicious, it makes for wonderful medicine.  Come explore the many benefits of honey, as well as learn about some of the different common varieties.  In this workshop you will learn to make infused honeys with both herbs and other culinary delights that are not just good, but good for you as well!

“Raising Healthy Children”
Tony(a) Lemos of the Blazing Star Herbal School
Are you and your family on the path to becoming more sustainable? Imagine yourself competent and confident to treat your children when they are under-the-weather. Imagine feeling empowered to make informed choices about your family’s day-to-day health and well-being. 

“The Herbalist’s Medicine Cabinet”
Hannah Sparks of Hannah’s Herbals
What do you do when you have a common ailment to contend with, but you don’t want to fight it with artificial colors or synthetic ingredients? In this class you will learn several herbal remedies to use with confidence in your home apothecary instead of the manufactured alternatives so often found in our medicine cabinets.

“Using Herbal Remedies for Healthy Skin and Scalp”
Cindy Hebbard of Wisdom of Healing
Our skin serves to protect us from a variety of internal and environmental factors. Healthy skin is a blessing we often don’t realize we have until something goes wrong. The plant world offers us an abundance of nourishing ingredients for beautiful, healthy skin. In this informative talk, we’ll share several of the basics for restoring and keeping your skin and scalp healthy. We will also discuss how to evaluate the ingredients found in most products on the market that claim to be “natural”. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding about how you can experience healthy skin for life!

“Seasonal Cooking for Vibrant Health”
Brittany Nickerson of Thyme Herbals

The rhythms and cycles of our body are closely tied to those of the earth. Her green gifts have much to teach us about caring for our bodies throughout the different seasons of the year. In this class we will use eastern and western energetic principals and the foundations of flavor therapy to explore how eating with the seasons can bring lasting health to you and your family. We will cover the use of wild foods as well as those foods you can find at your local grocery store or farmers market. You will leave with some recipes to try out at home!

“City Herbs Plant Walk”
 Melanie Rose of the Boston School of Herbal Studies
Did you know that medicinal herbs are growing all around us?  You don’t have to travel to a tropical rainforest to find exotic cures for modern day health challenges. Come join Melanie Rose as we take a stroll around the block and learn about those common, little weeds creeping out of side walk cracks.  We’ll learn how to identify a few that are capable of enhancing the quality of our lives!

“An Introduction to Aromatherapy”
Linda Patterson of The Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies

We’ll explore essential oils, how they’re derived and the importance of using quality oils. We’ll discuss common ailments, the essential oils that benefit those ailments and sources for attaining practitioner grade essential oils.

“Understanding Lyme Disease in Dogs”
Nancy Anderson of Canis Major Herbals
The incidence of Lyme Disease is rising rapidly in the northeast, and is set to reach epidemic numbers.  We’ll discuss natural methods of keeping ticks off your pet, and what to do if he or she does contract Lyme, Ehrlichia, or another spirochetal disease.

“Heartburn: The Root and the Remedy”
Katja Swift of the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine
Do you buy TUMS in the family-sized bottle? If you have heartburn, there’s a better way to deal with it than antacids and proton-pump inhibitors. Although these things will get rid of the symptoms, they actually make the problem worse in the long run. Come find out how to get rid of your heartburn, once and for all – and get rid of your TUMS forever!

Doctor Ayahuasca: The Medicine Plant of the Jungle
Katya Kudryavtseva of Hummingbird Energy Medicine
Medicine plants have been used for shamanic journeying for ages. Ayahuasca, ‘the vine of death’, is one them. We’ll talk about the effects of ayahuasca’s active component dimethylthryptamine on human consciousness in the context of the work of the shaman and the journeyer.

“Making Infused Oils and What to Do With Them”
Iris Weaver of Soul Gardens
Learn how to make easy, inexpensive herbal-infused oils, and how to troubleshoot them. Then see what you can do with your infused oils–salves, lotions, scrubs, etc., as well as understand how these oils are used in healing.

“Healing Depression with Herbs and Food”
Madelon Hope of the Boston School of Herbal Studies
Herbs can help reduce anxiety and stress, relieve depression and alleviate insomnia, without the side effects often associated with medication. You will find out about some wonderfully calming and mood uplifting herbs and how to use them to feel more vital and resilient.

A Screening of Herbal Aide
Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs
Herbal Aide is a non-profit based organization founded to document, inspire and fund grassroots herbal projects/businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change. The Herbal Aide video documentary features herbalists who are using their passion for plants as a tool to support their community in health and healing. Watch the trailer here.

An Urban Plant Walk

“Vitex: An Amazing Woman’s Herb”
 Carol Joyce of White Buffalo Herbs
A brief introduction to one of the most significant women’s herbs ever: Vitex (also known as Chastetree berry) – its history, uses, & growing needs.

Integrating Medicinal Herbs in Chronic Disease
Laura Estan of the Herbal Dietician
Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Laura Estan will discuss the integration of conventional or “traditional” medical treatment practices with complementary or “alternative” wellness approaches. Learn about herbs that can enhance your current medical treatment of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

“Farm to Pharmacy: Revolutionary Grassroots Healthcare Models”
William Siff of Goldthread Herbal Apothecary
How can communities have access to nontoxic, affordable, locally produced natural medicines and therapies? How can the need for herbs that support immunity and detoxify the body be translated into cash crops to support organic farmers? How can families protect their health by planting herb gardens and adopting traditional kitchen pharmacies? In this informational and inspirational presentation William Siff explains how the Farm to Pharmacy model can be used in any community.

“Shamanic Herbalism & Sacred Plant Medicine”
Sage Maurer of the Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education

In this workshop we’ll invite in the spirits of the plants in sacred space, offering gratitude and blessings for their medicine through prayer and ritual. Sacred smudge and drink will be offered around the circle, followed by a talk about working with plants in a sacred way within one’s healing practice. Folk traditions of herbal medicine will be discussed, exploring how we can bring in the presence of the plant spirits and our ancestors more deeply into our lives and healing work.

“Children’s Story Time: Plantain, a Playground Friend”
Katja Swift of the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine
Come hear the story of an amazing plant that grows all over Boston – better yet, it’s a plant you can use to help you if you scrape your knee or get a bug bite!

“Herbal First Aid and Sports Medicine”
Ryn Midura of the CommonWealth Center for Herbal Medicine
Sprains, scrapes, and stings; bumps, bruises, and burns–summer is a time for being outdoors, and time in the wild can bring many minor woes.  But first aid and sports injuries are very amenable to treatment with herbal medicines.  We’ll talk about local, abundant herbs and how you can use them to clean, soothe, and heal yourself! 

“Gardening with Herbs”
Iris Weaver of Soul Gardens

Herbs are marvelously easy to grow, and wonderful to include in any growing scheme. Learn about easy-to-grow medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and otherwise useful herbs that do well here in New England and how to cultivate them.

“A Guided Flower Essence Meditation”
Catherine Iagnemma of Blossom Flower Essence Healing

In this workshop we’ll begin with an explanation of flower essences: what they are and how they work. We’ll then move into a relaxing guided meditation to release tension in our bodies and minds and connect with the healing energy of flowers. You’ll leave feeling calm, centered and curious.

“Simple Herbal Recipes to Help Relieve Stress”
Dr. Jennifer Zartarian, N.D. of Cambridge Health Associates
Join naturopathic doctor, Jennifer Zartarian, as she reviews several quick and easy herbal recipes to help relieve daily stress. Teas, tinctures, flower essences and aromatherapy recipes will be covered. You will leave with many ideas for integrating our most useful stress relieving herbal allies into your daily routine. 

A Screening of Herbal Aide
Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs
Herbal Aide is a non-profit based organization founded to document, inspire and fund grassroots herbal projects/businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change. The Herbal Aide video documentary features herbalists who are using their passion for plants as a tool to support their community in health and healing. Watch the trailer here.